Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I'm getting superstitious.

I haven't posted any buys that I've made recently because it seems like the market has been on a roll and I didn't want to jink anything.

I bought AllianceBernstein (AB) and Diodes Inc. (Diod).

Two days after I bought AB, someone downgraded it and it dropped some. It wasn't alot and I decided to hold on and see what happened. Today Goldman Sachs gave it a big upgrade and it looks like my patience has paid off. Did I mention that AB pays a 5% dividend?

Diodes Inc is a massive growth story. I'm late to the game but many think that there is still plenty of upside. I bought it when the chart closed the gap the other day. The big drop on high volume was caused by the company anouncing that they would take on 200 million in debt for possible acquisitions. They will only be paying 2.25% in interest for the loan, which is due in 2026. You can get savings accounts with higher rates than that.

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