Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Flotek and a warm fuzzy feeling...

Would I feel as good as I do right now if I didn't have to experience the pain of a near 45% decline in my shares of Flotek Industries? Maybe...well probably.

Perhaps the real questions is: would I have held on to the shares of any other company experiencing such a dramatic decline? Hell no! I'm not supposed to hold losses past 10%.

Forget all of Flotek's proprietary chemicals or its patented petrovalve, the real asest of Flotek industries is Jerry Dumas, Sr. His honesty and confidence comes roaring through every presentation and conference call I've listened to. He isn't afraid to tell the truth and also isn't afraid to get angry, both at himself and at the market. I admire the man very much and want to thank him for the great job he has done. I was very close to selling my entire stake in FTK at the absolute lows, just because I couldn't take the pain anymore. But after listening to their Q2 conference call several times, the enthusiasm of Mr. Dumas renewed my resolve and I doubled down instead.
Thanks again Mr. Dumas. It looks like the market is finally waking up to your company's growth. I've seen posts on and about the amazing moves that are being made by FTK.

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