Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Why I'm writting the blog

The main reason why I'm writting about my thoughts regarding the market's daily movements is to force me to really analyze why I'm making certain trades and investments. As you probably can guess, being in science means that there are very few people that I'm can discuss my investment ideas with. This is a problem because I know full well from my own experience that one only truely understands something when one is able to teach it to another person. That's the nice thing about blogs, I can pretend to teach someone the things I've learned, even though I doubt that anyone is listening (except for Becky, hi Becky!).

I'm moving soon, so my blog entries will not be as often for a while. I hope I don't miss anything.


Becky said...

Thanks for the shoutout, Paul! I like your blog--the graphs look great! You must really be understanding stocks these days considering how much you have to teach me =) Love, Becky xoxo

Chuck said...

Hi Paul,

Hope your trip is going well. The blog is very interesting and the approach seems scientific. I wish you much luck and suggest a somewhat cautious approach as you learn more about what you are doing with investing.

Warm regards,
Chuck Wolfe