Saturday, July 22, 2006

Check out the first comment.

In addition to being a novice bear, I'm also a novice blogger so it was a pleasent surprise to come home today and see that I had a my first comment. I hesitated to read it because I guess I was expecting some sort of rude comment about my blog or how I should stick to my day job. Given that I just got back from a long, hot day of drinking with friends (I've since sobered up) , I figured I was in the perfect state of mind to take insults from some random weirdo.

So, what did the comment say? It was a quick note from the Barry Ritholtz, saying that he appreciated the kind words. How cool is that? Thanks Mr. Ritholtz!

Also, I was searching for some other people's opinions on Titanium Metals (TIE) and I found a great call by Yasir Anwar.

Consider selling TIE short as soon as it trades below $31.10, with a stop loss
order at $32.10. Look for a $1 to $3 drop in the stock price.

July 10

TIE closed at $24.77 on Friday. Great call, Yasir!

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