Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New short on the bounce: EZCorp (EZPW)

One thing that I'm learning about bear markets is to never worry about missing an entry point because there will always be a bounce. I've been watching EZCorp because it looks to be entering its mark down phase. EZPW used to be #1 on the IBD 100 and is now showing signs that it is finishing off a rounded top pattern. It is also consistently below the 10 week moving average. Fundamentals might say that a pawn shop company might be coming into its sweet spot with all of this sub prime crap, but the chart certainly says something different. I think EZPW might be a victim of being over owned by the fund managers. I think 90% of the float is owned by institutions.

When the market looked like it was bouncing this morning, I put in a order to short EZPW at 12.16. My target for now is 10.50 and depending how the volume looks, I might hold longer. Notice the weak volume on the bounce and how it stalls inside the swing point of 7/25/07. There are also some nice TDST lines to guide the resistance and support areas.

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