Monday, February 18, 2008

Creating TDST Lines with Blocks

The Blocks program is extremely versatile and quite easy to use. The newest version (Blocks 3.0), while still a little unstable, is even easier to use. Here is how you can create DeMark's TDST lines with the program.

To create the TDST line corresponding to a TD Sequential Buy Setup, the first thing you need to do is to create a "value pointer". Right click on it and then left click on the "block diagram". Next, create the block diagram shown below, using the custom block you will create.

To create the custom block, right-click on any blank spot on the above block diagram window and then left-click on the "create code block". Choose the "bar and Int to line" block. Next, insert the code (given below) into the space that says '************ Your Code Here ***************

To create the red TDST line, repeat the above steps but using the following block diagram and code. You can change the Integer input to go back in time. For example, if you want the TDST line that occured before the most recent TDST line, just enter 2 into the integer variable. The higher the number, the further back you go.

I put the code at the end of the blog page. It was written in VB.

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Mel said...

Great job! I get a red line on my chart, I am sure I am not ding something right. Could you post as share on Blocks site?