Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Confluence of Great Basin Gold

With another good day for gold stocks, I'll continue my recap of how I timed some of my recent buys.

I have owned Great Basin Gold (GBN) since early 2007. It wasn't a large position but one that I liked fundamentally and technically. With gold rising ever higher, I was always on the lookout for another opportunity to add to my shares of GBN.

The chart below is a weekly that has two trends defined by a blue and green line. I have also plotted the Fibonacci retracement levels of each trend. You can see that there is very good agreement between the 0.382 retracement of the blue trend and a 0.618 retracement of the green trend. This overlap is referred to as "confluence" and often serves a support. I was looking for this and picked up some GBN at the 2.50 mark. As you can see, I took a little heat for about a week but overall, the timing of the buy was pretty successful.

Notice also that GBN bounced off another confluence point defined by the 0.236 retracement of the the blue trend and a 0.382 retracement of the green trend. (I didn't buy any more)

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