Sunday, January 13, 2008

Science Debate 2008

I just leaned about a fantastic idea. It is a call for a presidential debate about science and technology. As a part of the scientific community, I have witnessed the low moral that has been caused by steep budget cuts. Enough is enough and it would be nice to put the future president's feet to the fire.

While I think a debate regarding American science is bound to have some stiff opposition, if we can make this a big issue, anything is possible.

Go check it out.

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Becky said...

I think that is a fantastic idea! It would certainly sway my vote. I would be interested to hear not only about how much money each candidate would be willing to spend on scientific research but also where each candidate thinks money for scientific research should go. For example, my issue with the Bush administration was not how much money went to scientific research but instead where it went. Fundamental research as well as biomedical research suffered a blow while defense and bioterrorism research had a huge influx of money. I definitely want a president that is willing to put her/his biases aside (stemcell research, environmental research, evolution research, etc.) for the sake of promoting scientific research.