Sunday, January 27, 2008

Politics on Saturday

Congratulations Barack Obama and South Carolina. I was absolutely convinced that, while disgusting and shameful, the Clinton's tactics would prevail. Such negativity just always seems to work (especially in South Carolina) and this time it backfired. Thank God.

Who would have thought that the state that instigated the Civil War would be the state that restored my faith in American democracy.

The bottom line: I now consider myself a former Bill Clinton fan and will either vote for the Republican candidate or not vote at all if Hillary Clinton wins. Lets hope it doesn't come to that.

If you happen to be undecided about which candidate to vote for on February 5th, just take a look at the breakdown of Obama's and Clinton's constituency. I don't know about you but, if you take out the gender difference, I wouldn't want to be grouped together with Hillary Clinton's voters.

The contest from now on, Layman said, will be "a battle between distinct and fairly evenly-matched constituencies....with Obama doing better among blacks, men, younger voters, better-educated people, and independents (in open primary states), and Clinton doing better among whites, women, older voters, lower income and less-well-educated voters, and staunch Democrats." The results he said, are likely to "be just as confused on the night of Feb. 5 as they are right now."

No wonder why Bill's efforts to pin Obama's as "the black candidate" failed. All of the ignorant bigots were already voting for Hillary.

Source: This Now Becomes A Real Delegate Fight


Becky said...

I am excited that bigots are voting for a woman! Go Hillary! =)

Paul Stiles said...