Sunday, September 30, 2007

Market Gurus: Grantham and Mauldin

There was a lot of fuss a couple of months ago when Jeremy Grantham came out and said that the entire world was in an asset bubble. Of course the press made a ton of noise about it because this was the financial advisor of Dick Cheney, and if our vice-president trusted him, he must know something. Typically, you would also find some reference to Grantham's 2000 market top call. What they don't tell you is that he has also called for another market top since the 2003 bull market began.

John Mauldin is an excellent writer and obviously a very smart man. I enjoy his free newsletter and must admit that I've been influenced by his arguments. He is quite bearish and has been calling for a top for a while. I wish I would have done this earlier, but on the chart I show some quotes from both Grantham and Mauldin and when they said them.

The point of the chart is to remember to not take the so-call gurus advice too seriously because they (especially these two guys) are wrong as much as they are right.

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