Friday, January 19, 2007

Tom O'Brien Interviews

I like to listen to Tom O'Brien ( His market calls have been right on for as long as I've been listening. One of the best things about him is the respect he gives each one of his callers, no matter how crazy they might be.

His trading style is difficult and complicated and I'm not sure his system is as teachable as he might think. Nevertheless, he is out there putting his neck on the line each and everyday and is really trying to stop people from making mistakes.

Some people are beyond hope, however. Just listen to these two clips. They are amazing.

One guy has all of his money (multiple six-figures) in only one stock. Guess what this stock is? Motorola! What a nut.

The other guy is asking advice for an entry point into an ETF he know absolutely nothing about. Someone needs to tell this guy to just put his money into a mutual fund. You know the call is going to be bad when the caller asks about the "exchrange traded fund".

You can listen to Tom O'Brien every weekday from 10-11 am and 4-6 pm (eastern time). The Tom O'Brien Show

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