Thursday, January 04, 2007

Buys, Sells, and Naked Shorts!!!

The excitement continues today. I put in another buy order for the QID again and this time my order was filled. It was pretty scary watching it sink another 2% after I bought it. The good news is that the Nasdaq closed under yesterday's highs, which suggests that we will probably head down again tomorrow. We shall see.

I took my principle off the table for Flotek Industries. I'm going to let the profit ride. There is strong support at around 22.5 and it will be interesting to see how it reacts when it reaches this level. The bottom line is that these last couple of days have been the first days of strong distribution since FTK took off in October. I'm going to be very cautious right now.

I found a very interesting stock today that I think I'll buy tomorrow. Ingles Markets, Inc (IMKTA) is a supermarket chain in the southeast. It popped up on my CANSLIM screen recently. Today, she broke out of a flat base on the second day of big volume. Very nice strength considering the volatility we've seen.

Finally, I tried to short US Global Investors (GROW) today but couldn't because there were no shares available to borrow. Too bad because it dropped a whopping 13% today. Bummer. I did short Ford (F) today as it bounced off of confluence again.

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