Friday, December 28, 2007

TD Sequential Update

I just wanted to update the year-end bounce candidates that I posted earlier. Looks like we got the best bounce out of ETH, while the other have held steady.


Astrowillie said...

I come up with the same sequential buy setup (i mean to say the entire process of setup, intersection, & countdown), if I believe that the sell setup generated, starting on Oct. 26, is of no particular significance.

I used green to show proper 'flip' days. I use orange to show buy setup days. I use the black for intersection. Note that the intersection is also a flip day for the subsequent sell setup. Also note that I made an error, and I start the sell setup on the same day as the intersection. The proper sell setup should start one day after, as, again, the intersection is also the requisite flip day, and should extend one day further, where the large red candle is.

If I disregard the sell setup, then, yes, I come to the same conclusion. The countdown is complete on the 27th.

However, and I am not too certain, but I believe the previous buy setup becomes meaningless as there was a proper sell setup that appeared in its wake.

I mean to ask and not tell, as I am interested in what you have to say. I hope my picture worked.

Also, check out FRPT for a sequential buy setup. It should be on day 11 of the countdown.

astrowillie said...

Of course I would click the wrong link. I intended to comment on CSCO, not this.

Paul Stiles said...

Hello Astrowillie,

There are a couple reasons why I ignored the sell-setup ending on Nov 7th.

It probably requires another post so look for my answer later tonight.