Sunday, December 09, 2007

Larry Kudlow is a communist

I like wallstrip. It have given me plenty of entertainment while on my train ride home and made me laugh out loud on several occasions. I especially like the Friday chats. I've learned a lot through watching these interviews and try to watch them each week.

This last week featured Barry Ritholtz of The Big Picture. The interview was great as Barry seemed to vent awfully hard when asked about "free-market" guys. You see, Barry is a frequent guest on the Larry Kudlow show. It is painfully obvious that Barry is one of the few rational guests that appear on the show. He is usually surrounded by Bush-cheerleaders, Bush-apologists, and perma-bulls that always seem to blur any distinction between politics and the markets. Barry is always very polite (to my amazement) and never seems to lose his cool.

Well, Barry gets a little hot under the collar in the video below as he calls these "free-market" guys (like Larry Kudlow) communists. I bet this felt good.

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P-Dawg said...

Couldn't agree more.