Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I can't resist this Cramer bash

I have had a free Real Money subscription for the last few months through their college subscription promo. The site is almost completely worthless and I would never pay money out of my pocket to have access to it. I say almost because Rev Shark writes daily "pep talks" for the average trader and offers some great insights into how a trader should think. I can do without the rest of them.

On the surface, Real Money seems like a good idea for the average investor, but nothing could be further from the truth. One must trust his or her own judgements and cluttering one's mind with all of the ideas spewing out of the website can only serve to confuse and instill doubt. I would like to thank Rev Shark for his advice, but good ridance to RealMoney.com
As one might imagine, Jim Cramer is the absolute worst on site. He is so incredibly capricious that it might be worth the subscription price for the laughs alone. Check out what I saw today. He declared that the homebuilder sector was in a bear market. DUH!!!

Here is the chart of the homebuilders. Once again...DUH!!!

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