Saturday, June 23, 2007

AllianceBernstein (AB): I wouldn't short this.

I have used Telechart 2007 and the Blocks Player for a few months now. As part of my membership I get a daily chart analysis of some random stock or index that one of the Worden brothers think is important. I usually don't pay attention because I have no interest in their technical analysis methods.

Yesterday, however, they presented the chart of AllianceBernstein (AB) and claimed that it was a short play. Sure, the current congress is looking to change the tax brackets of some companies, like AB, but this is not a sure thing. I thought that I would look at the chart again and see if shorting a company that pays over a 5% dividend would be a smart thing to do.

It looks like there has been some erratic trading lately, but nothing that raises any red flags. Just keep an eye on the price as it reaches the key support levels shown in the chart above. Can AB get back down to 78 to 80? Sure, but I expect the entire market to head down so shorting a company that pays over a 5% dividend doesn't seem too bright to me.

Throw a dart and pick another stock to short.

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