Monday, November 20, 2006

Jim says "buy, buy, buy!!!"

Like I said in my first post, there are enough Jim Cramer bashing blogs out there already and the world doens't need another. I would bet that without Cramer there would be some blogs with posts that are as sporatic as mine. With that said, I noticed a couple of big-time sell signals today on The first takes advantage of Cramer as a contrarian indicator. Today, when the market dropped, he called for people to "Shop this Dip". Uh oh, sounds a lot like the calls Jim made back in May. The second came from a word of caution from Cody Willard, who called the top back in May.

Looks like that pullback that people have been looking for might be just around the corner. I hope so, because I want to put some money to work.

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