Thursday, May 03, 2007

Metalink Inc. (MTLK)

"...we were happy to have publicly announced the alliance with STMicro and Samsung, I'm pleased to report that we currently have similar alliances in the works that we cannot announce publicly."

This is a quote from the Q1 conference call of Metalink Inc. If you didn't know, last month MTLK announced a stratigic alliance with STMicroelectronics and Samsung to provides its chips for their HD IPTV boxes. These boxes will be in everyone's home in the near future. Most importantly, they will be in many of the homes in China.

Interestingly, another leader in this area, Sigma Designs has recently been downgraded by a few analysts due to increased competition from other companies in China. STMicro was explicitly mentioned. I'm very interested to find out what MTLK has in store for us.

Here is a list of some links regarding MTLK.

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Ok, this wouldn't be complete without a chart. Oh, and by the way, I own MTLK.

On a final note, don't expect MTLK to start ramping up revenues until late this year.

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